Originally founded in Germany in 1999, Unique Jewellery is a family-run business that has since grown into a respected global fashion brand.

Eye Catching Designs from Unique Jewellery

Unique designs its collections to fit seamlessly into modern life and style. The passion infused into the collection drives the company’s ability to set trends and appeal to a wider audience.

Unique Jewellery is well known for its use of materials such as stainless steel and titanium. There is a special focus, as a company, on sourcing materials that are hypo allergenic; Unique jewellery also prioritises the quality of the material and eye-catching designs when creating its definitive look. The Unique & Co jewellery range is simplistic and understated, providing a stylish finishing touch to any outfit.

Shop Unique & Co’s Jewellery Range

Unique & Co’s signature bracelets are crafted with leather and stainless steel for contemporary and versatile styling. The bracelets are made from genuine leather and the collection features some rose gold plated bracelets, for a touch of elegance. Unique Jewellery work tirelessly alongside designers to create beautifully crafted pieces that are classic, yet inventive.

When you order from the Unique jewelleryrange at Michael Frank Jewellers, your Unique & Co bracelet will come delivered in a presentation box.

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