MANJA are a London-based jewellery brand, carrying the colour and fire of Madagascar in its heart. MANJA was launched in 2014 by three brothers, inspired by an extraordinary Madagascan family heritage in jewellery design that dates back five generations. The brothers grew up surrounded by vibrant colours, and this is now captured in the East London design studio where MANJA jewellery is created.

MANJA stands for ‘beauty’ in the Madagascan language. It’s the natural and rare beauty of the island that forms the inspiration behind the MANJA jewellery. The inspiration behind the beautiful range is taken from a variety of sources, such as the European fashion and culture and exotic elements of Madagascar. These passionate inspirations form sophisticated and modern jewellery collections, encompassing the beauty and warmth of the Indian Ocean to London.

The knowledge and calibre of five generations of Madagascan jewellers guarantees exceptional quality and impeccable finish for each piece of MANJA jewellery. The natural gemstones in the jewellery range are all carefully selected and crafted by hand into the original and unique MANJA designs.

MANJA Jewellery Stockists

MANJA are renowned for carefully selecting, crafting and finishing each natural gemstone to enhance its luminous glow and to complement the feminine beauty of the wearer. Each piece is alluring and enchanting, with a wonderful indulgent twist.

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